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Country of origin

..shitake mushroom wood pulp only

made from
750gm blocks approx
treated and free of pests

sixe 20cm x 10cm x 10cm

consists of :
1/3 oak sawdust
1/3 oak shavings
1/3 other hardwood sawdust such as beech, alder etc
the block is moulded and sterilised prior to being infused with shitake mushroom spores, after 14 weeks, when the hyphae has covered the entire block and the mushrooms have stopped growing, the block is ready for use to feed your stag beetle larvae as the hyphae has stripped the lignin from the wood cells

adult male
adult female
large grub
medium grub
Small Grub

Taxonomic Classification

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  • Phylum:
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  • Species:

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