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Country of origin

East and South africa

Archispirostreptus gigas .

(Congo black, African giant black )

Archispirostreptus gigas (PETERS, 1855)
Mainly living in areas with distinct rainy and dry seasons, Gigas is able to tolerate both dry and wet periods and so is the perfect first millipede as it tolerates many conditions and forgives the odd lapse in husbandry, this is a large millipede, and probably the most common species in culture, growing to 30 cm.
Generally black, but often with mahogany or deep reddish tinges in the black coloration.
A good climber, it will spend much time on logs/twigs off the ground and can generally cope with both arid and moist conditions
Readily secretes a defensive secretion which can mark skin

16cm +
12 - 16cm
8 - 12cm
4 - 8cm
0.5 - 4cm
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