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Plastic 4.5ltr sweet jar with 2 fitted netted air holes... price each

Standard sweet jar, with two round air vents fitted , one 1/3 up from the bottom and one 2/3 up from the bottom. Netting is pvc strong mesh . Please note, The holes are large enough for fruit flies to escape but the netting can be changed to a smaller mesh so as to retain fruit flies . E mail if you need the mesh changed. E mail for a different colour top, choose from white, orange, red, black, blue or dk green.

Adult female
Adult male
Size L6 to L7 nymph
Size L4 to L5 nymph
Size L3 nymph

Taxonomic Classification

  • Kingdom:
  • Phylum:
  • Class:
  • Order:
  • Family:
  • Genus:
  • Species:

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