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Country of origin

New Zealand

.Porrhothele antipodiana.. c/b babies @ 2cm leg length...

(Black tunnel web spider)

Porrhothele antipodiana. (Walckenaer, 1837)

The black tunnelweb spider, Porrhothele antipodiana, is a spider found throughout much of New Zealand. It is found in bush and in urban gardens. Males are often found indoors during spring and summer when they leave their burrows to find mates. When found inside, they are typically near a source of moisture such as a bathroom or laundry because they desiccate easily. Often all that is found are shrivelled corpses. Therefore remember not to let it get to dry in captivity

They are usually found living under logs and rocks, they build a silken tunnel with a broad area at the entrance for the detection of prey (often beetles, but they have been recorded eating snails and mice)

Bites are painful and may cause localised swelling, itching, or numbness. Victims are advised to disinfect the area to reduce the risk of infection. The venom is not dangerous to humans

This spider was described by director Peter Jackson as the inspiration for his depiction of Shelob in his The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

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tarantula leg span to 1.5cm
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Taxonomic Classification

  • Kingdom: ANIMALIA
  • Phylum: ARTHROPODA
  • Class:
  • Order:
  • Species: P. ANTIPODIANA

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