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Acrylic tall arboreal vivarium...suit arboreal tarantulas 29 x 15 only

a tall terrarium for arboreal spiders/tarantulas, praying mantis and other such arboreal species.
Sliding lid with air holes to allow through flow of air throughout the cage
29cm tall
15cm wide
15cm deep
Acrylic feet on base
Sliding front access panel 19cm deep
Sliding front can be removed completely for cleaning inside and to allow decorations to be put in the Viv
Air holes in lower part of the Viv and in the fixed lid to allow thorough air movement
This is not suitable for very high humidity animals such as frogs and other amphibians/reptiles as this will warp the acrylic

tarantula leg span 7cm +
tarantula leg span 4.5cm - 7cm
tarantula leg span 3cm - 4.5cm
tarantula leg span 1.5cm - 3cm
tarantula leg span to 1.5cm

Taxonomic Classification

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