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Grammostola pulchripes : chaco golden knee .. 6 @0/1.5cm,

(chaco golden knee)

simon 1892
adult size 20 to 22cm
docile and calm species
burrowing terrestrial tarantula
burrows as juvenile, will use a hide as adult
long light coloured hairs all over its body and gold/yellowish stripes on its legs/knees
often sits on show all day so a good first pet species

tarantula leg span 7cm +
tarantula leg span 4.5cm - 7cm
tarantula leg span 3cm - 4.5cm
tarantula leg span 1.5cm - 3cm
tarantula leg span to 1.5cm
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Taxonomic Classification

  • Kingdom: animalia
  • Phylum: arthropoda
  • Class:
  • Order:
  • Family: theraphosidae
  • Genus: grammostola
  • Species: g. pulcheripes

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