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Media Appearances

BugzUK has supplied invertebrates for many TV and film productions and still photoshoots. We can also source invertebrates that are not on our own current stocklists from our many contacts here in the UK and abroad.

We've worked with:
Tigress Productions BBC Studios - Natural History Unit BBC Earth Atlantic Productions
Invertebrate Rental Services

Invertebrate Rental Service

Many production companies do not want to buy invertebrates as they would have to meet the cost of rehoming them after filming. We can supply invertebrate livestock for a few hours or days filming and accept them back afterwards. We can supply all cages and accessories that the animals require on set, together with complete care instructions.

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Bug Wrangling Services

Bug Wrangling Services

Bug wrangling requires a high degree of understanding of the behaviour of invertebrates so as to ensure that the perfect shot or video can be captured under the clinical conditions of a film set or photography studio.

Our understanding of both the behaviour of our invertebrates and also the requirements and constraints of filming help you to achieve the best results.

Daily and weekly rates are available for our bug wrangling services.

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Recent Media Appearances

Our bugs pop up all over the place, in films, on television and in advertising. Here are some of their recent appearances:

2019 June Netflix Documentary

Working with ants, we provided both ants and sets to create the desired backdrops for the scenes being created.

2019 May Book Photoshoot

The brief was to provide a multitude of different invertebrates for the publisher’s photographer to take still photos of the animals requested.

2019 May Test Shoot for Camera Lenses

We supplied invertebrates to test the suitability of different camera lenses. This was an important precursor for the director to decide how to shoot an upcoming documentary.

2019 April Feature film

Large scolopendra and adult tarantulas to interact with actors on set. Centipedes are quick and can bite. Our wranglers were on set to ensure no one was hurt and animals were safe.

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