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Amblypygids: Damon medius

Damon medius
Damon medius

This strictly arboreal and nocturnal whip scorpion has a flat body and fragile legs, by which it moves sideways like a crab. The front pair of legs are modified into very long antenniform appendages which it uses to navigate and to detect prey. It has two large, spiny pedipalps, which are typically larger in the male than the female. It feeds on small insects.

Taxonomic Classification
  • Kingdom:
  • Phylum:
  • Class: Arachnida
  • Order: Amblypygi
  • Family: Phrynichidae
  • Sub Family: Chelicerata
  • Genus: Damon
  • Species: medius

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Care Sheet

Diet: Cricket, Cockroach
Housing: Arboreal 30 x 30 x45 cm
Substrate: Coco fibre
Temperature: 19 - 22c Humidity: 80 - 90%

These whip scorpions can be kept communally provided enough space is available.

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