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Millipedes: Pill Millipedes..Arthrosphaera Cf. Brandtii

Pill Millipedes..Arthrosphaera Cf. Brandtii
Pill Millipedes..Arthrosphaera Cf. Brandtii

Arthrosphaera cf. brandtii (HUMBERT, 1865) A small pill millipede to about 3.5cm in length, with little variation in colour from the standard shiny tannish colour with black lines in between the segments. This species is quite long lived with juveniles taking 2 years to become adult.

Taxonomic Classification
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Care Sheet

Arthrosphaera cf. brandtii : tansanian pill bug
This little pill bug is actually quite easy to keep, and is very gregarious, enjoying the close company of other pills and often being found together
They spend most of their time on the surface, or just under the top layer of humus in the vivarium, and this is where they search for their food.
They are specialist feeders, generally feeding on deciduous humus at various levels of decomposition, and on deciduous deadwood, again when decomposing. You can find humus by scraping the top 1" of "soil" from under a large deiduous tree, this will be more compost like than soil like and will be made up of broken down leaves from previous seasons. Make sure you do not collect from areas which have used pesticides or chemicals.
The surface should always have these foodstuffs available as they are consumate eating machines whuch can be seen by the the large build of of waste pellets they deposit. They will simply walk around the surface browsing on the food on the top as they find it. Scrape a cuttlefish bone so that the calcium dust forms a thin layer on the surface, then gently mix it in to the top layer of foodstuff
They will spend a lot of time rolled up in a ball, this is not a problem.
Temperature range 19 to 23 degrees with 75 to 80 percent humidity..basically room temp with a regular misting.

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