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True Spiders: Platythomisus Octomaculatus

Platythomisus Octomaculatus
Platythomisus Octomaculatus

Taxonomic Classification
  • Kingdom:
  • Phylum:
  • Class:
  • Order:
  • Family:
  • Sub Family:
  • Genus:
  • Species:

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Leg span upto 1.5cm
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Leg span 1.5 - 3cm
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Leg span 3cm - 4.5cm
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Leg span 4.5cm - 7cm
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Leg span 7cm+
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Care Sheet

22 to 26 not overhear=t 30 degrees will kill them
60 to 70 degree humidity
low airflow is quite important

temp at night can go to 15 to 18 degrees with slightly higher humidity

they prefer flying prey as an ambush predator

needs to be a piece of wood or flower in the cage for them to rest on or they wont feed

NOT communal

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